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• Produced by Alwyn Walker
• Recorded at Westland & Komodo Studios
• Mixed at Westland Studios, Dublin, Ireland
• Mastered by Darrell Walker at MSB Mastering

• Paul Shields ~ Vocals/Guitars/Bass
• David McCann ~ Drums/Percussion

• Music written by Shields/McCann
• Lyrics written by McCann/Shields
• All Artwork, Photography and Design by Fiaz Farrelly

• Additional Vocals ~ Jackie McNally
• Sound FX/Synth ~ Paul Allen/Chosen/Alwyn Walker
• Backing Vocals ~ Alwyn Walker/David McCann
• Fiddle ~ Fiona Morrin

 Full MP3 Download (75.6MB)


1. Engines of Belief (5:30)
Through the coloured lenses of our worldviews...
2. Defective Prospection (5:42)
The human focusing illusion...
3. The Narcissism Epidemic (7:37)
Conducting ourselves with grand inflation...
4. Mental Clarity (5:12)
Our unconscious minds are at work...
5. Diminishment (5:11)
A haunting immersion in private darkness...
6. Instinct (5:18)
Examining where we came from...
7. Asch’s Paradigm (5:43)
We’re predisposed to act alike...
8. Metaphysical Contradiction (7:14)
Cognitive dissonance and smokescreens...
9. The Departure Lounge (6:43)
We all face the end of our mortal lives...

In addition to free MP3s, Resolution is also available in two exclusive hardcopy formats. Both versions are strictly LIMITED EDITION. Please note, that while our prices may seem quite high they are simply a reflection of the overall costs of manufacturing professionally made products in small quantities. To make a purchase please use the appropriate PayPal link below or send an email to for alternative payment options. Thank you for your support!

The Deluxe Special Edition [2CD] features a 9-track bonus disc of unreleased songs taken from the album sessions, rough mixes, and some drum & bass tracks. This exclusive set comes packaged in two separate clear jewel cases accompanied by high quality printed booklets, spanning almost two hours of music.

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Bonus Disc Contents:

1. Terrestrial Depletion
2. Manufacturing Victims*
3. The Corollaries of Doubt*
4. Instinct (Rough Mix)
5. Diminishment (Rough Mix)
6. The Departure Lounge (Rough Mix)
7. Defective Prospection (Drum & Bass Tracks)
8. The Narcissism Epidemic (Drum & Bass Tracks)
9. Metaphysical Contradiction (Drum & Bass Tracks)

* Additional Vocals by Jackie McNally

***The emails below are not fake. They are real messages from real people, and are just some of many we have received to date from music lovers across the world in response to first contact from us.***

“Your band is phenomenal! I appreciate the manner in which you approached me with your music, it was quite considerate. It makes me wish I were living nearby so I could catch a show. You guys are a force to behold. Cheers!”
Mike, Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

“Fucking sweet! Seriously, your music is awesome. Good, tight musicianship. I’m definitely telling my friends about you.”
Steve, Cary, Illinois, United States

“First off, I’d like to thank you for the message. I really appreciate bands who take the time to truly promote their stuff instead of clicking buttons to see numbers change, which is why I don’t give bands the chance of day if all they can do is constantly add friends. Second, I did check out your music and I am really impressed. You guys have a great sound and I can’t wait to hear more of your stuff. All in all keep kicking ass and doing what you love best.”
Rob, California, United States

“I took a listen to your tunes and watched your videos from your sessions at Komodo Studios and I was totally impressed. You guys are doing some great and heavy work. I really enjoyed it, you’ve got a new fan in Canada! Keep in touch and keep me updated on what’s happening in the world of Chosen.”
Scott, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“Wow! I’m always on the prowl for good new music but most importantly something with a groove that also delivers its harsh blows of creativity, and you definitely filled my plate! This is some good shit, after listening to it enough times it definitely gives me the goose bumps and gets my adrenaline rushing. Let me know what I have to do to get a hold of some more of this music, and like anything good in life, I will share your name with my fellow metal heads.”
Fernando, Barnhart, Missouri, United States

“Thanks for the little message. Had you given me a friend request I probably would have just blown you off like so many other bands who are just trying to gain plays and popularity, but not respect. I appreciate the fact that you’re not trying to shove yourselves down my throat; that you gave me an introduction to yourselves and were down to earth rather than placing yourselves on a pedestal. I did indeed check out your music and I have to say that I think the songs are phenomenal. It’s too bad the rest of the industry doesn’t sound like you guys. I’m tired of shit repetitive metal and this whole emo-alternative metal thing that everyone is moving towards. We need more Opeth, Devin Townsend, Daylight Dies, and Chosen. Again, thanks for the message guys.”
Dave, Tacoma, Washington, United States

“I think your stuff sounds great. Lots of influences, but none taking full form. You keep it your own and definitely keep my ear!”
Jon, Adkins, Texas, United States

“I just checked you guys out and holy fucking shit, I’m blown away. You dudes are easily the best Irish metal band I’ve heard. Keep on doing what you do and kicking ass dudes!”
Josh, Wise, Virginia, United States

“I really liked the tone and approach of your MySpace message. I’ve had so many metal bands sending me requests, but there’s just too many. Your message grabbed my attention and interested me enough to check out your band. I’m glad I did. Great tunes! Really solid musicianship and compelling arrangements. Let me know when you guys have a gig and I’ll come show some support. All the best.”
Colin, Los Angeles, California, United States

“Thanks for the invite to check out your band! Thoroughly enjoyable website and brilliant tunes!”
Ron, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“All I can say is wow! That’s what metal is supposed to sound like. Can’t wait to hear more! You have amazing influences, and it really shows in the music in a unique way. Keep that shit up, I want to see you guys show these kids what real metal is all about. You got my support to the fullest.”
Anthony, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

“Your music is actually really cool, I dig it. I truly thank you for taking the time to write a message and let me decide for myself rather than push it upon me. I do get many add requests from bands constantly, almost to the point that I don’t even listen to them any more, it gets to the point where all these crappy bands have made me so uninterested that I would normally miss out on hearing a good band!”
Jason, Austin, Texas, United States

“Good stuff, the Nevermore and Death influences really come out. Killer tunes, great recordings, they sound awesome. I’ll be passing on your name to some friends of mine also, I know they would like you guys a lot.”
Clark, Everett, Washington, United States

“Love the influences in your music, you guys are a very tight unit. I love and appreciate the speed, precision, and passion that you guys display. Thanks for the no bullshit, no pretence, totally sincere request for a listen to your work. All the best to you guys!”
Ray, Los Angeles, California, United States

“Thanks for the message. I really like to see a band that is thorough and takes time to get to know people. Your music rules. I always love to hear new metal bands. I’m definitely going to show your music to my friends. Thanks again. Rock on!”
Peter, Logan, Utah, United States

“I’d like to say thanks for the email. Makes a change from the faceless shit friends requests I get, which I deny on the basis that the bands have no intention of having anything to do with their fans and are just building hit numbers and friends so they can send out an electronic press-kit to record companies to show how popular they are! Right, now that I’ve gotten the cynical rant out of the way, I have to say, I’m really enjoying the tracks mate!”
Wes, London, United Kingdom

“Well, it took me a couple days to respond, but I must really commend your message. I did check out your music and I think it’s really good. But as stated before, I must commend your approach. I praise your method of personally reaching out to potential fans and I will be keeping an eye (or rather an ear) on your music. Cheers!”
Paul, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

“Thank you for the polite and humble e-mail. Holy fuck, why haven’t I heard of you guys until now? This is some good shit. I must indeed purchase some of this! Thank you!”
Jason, Fairview Heights, Illinois, United States

“I was all set to add your band based on your email. You hit the nail on the head with the friend requests. I get way too many, especially from bands that have little to no musical ability, yet somehow acquire the rockstar ego along the way. I’m a musician myself, and love to support my fellow musicians, but so many people sending friend requests are just trying to pump up their friends list, and send lots of spam, so anytime I come across a band such as yours, who takes the time to read the profile, send me a message, that is so incredibly respectful and on top of it all, possesses excellent musicianship, along with an excellent quality recording, I’m definitely more than willing to add you. Thanks for the email.”
Jeremy, Chesterfield, Virginia, United States

“I like! Bits of thrash and some excellent groove. Technical but in a tasteful ‘Human’ or ‘Symbolic’ kind of way. No Meshuggah copying. No hardcore breakdowns. Good stuff! Can’t say I know many Irish metal bands but today I learned of a new one. Very cool indeed. Cheers!”
Brady, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

“You guys have a great sound. Good crunch, progressive, and thank fuck you don’t have that need to be the fastest blast beat, the most wanking lead player, the most leaden (and boring bass) or the most mindlessly guttural singer, grunting absolute shit. All the flavours are just right, and sounding fresh. I love it.”
Chuck, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Wow, thank you for not just being some piece of shit-core band trying to get big numbers by adding everyone they see. You seem very sincere in your approach and really honest. I really like your music a lot. Your music reminds me of Gojira, heavy riffs and the like.”
Michael, Trenton, Ohio, United States

“This may go down as the most polite message ever sent by a metal band in the history of the world. After hearing about thirty seconds of the first track on your page you guys have already managed to differentiate yourselves from the plethora of shit bands out there. Interesting right from the start. Nice recording quality too. Thanks for sharing your music.”
James, North Fort Myers, Florida, United States

“You guys are without a shadow of a doubt a really badass band. You sound great and are a breath of fresh air as far as how you contacted me. It’s awesome that you took the time to be personal about things and care about how you are looked at in such a soulless spam world. Well, you guys keep kicking ass and stay in contact!”
Reese, Winchester, Virginia, United States

“Your message was fucking brilliant and much appreciated. I checked you guys out and I like what I heard. You got yourselves a convert!”
James, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

“Thanks for your message, I really dig your approach! You’re absolutely right, perpetual spamming is a pain in the ass! I mostly deny friend requests from bands without even checking out their pages (I think it’s quite justifiable, considering the crap going around nowadays!) and your message is a clear sign of a maturity which is hard to find in modern metal, and your music mirrors this maturity perfectly! I really enjoyed your tracks, your technicality is stunning and your compositions have that wicked, sick, twisted, insane touch that made me fall in love with bands like Death and Meshuggah in the first place. Keep up the good work! And let me know when you
re going to be performing gigs in Europe!”
Tommy, Amstelveen, Netherlands

“Your music sounds really awesome and I would love to buy your album. Thanks again for the message and allowing me to listen to your music. Hope to see you guys soon in Phoenix. I’ll spread the word about Chosen.”
Chris, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

“I actually blocked add requests from bands a long time ago because I kept receiving numerous requests to add bands that sounded like shit. Something that seems to be different with Chosen. I really dig your sound, and you’re an incredible drummer! You seem to surround yourself with musicians of equal talent too. Thanks for the message bro!”
Matt, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

“It took me about five seconds to realise you guys are unbelievable. Absolutely love your stuff. Can’t wait to hear some more!”
Jason, Melbourne, Australia

“You guys are crazy! Your songs are great, why are all the good bands these days so far away from where people live? If you dudes hadn’t of messaged me I probably wouldn’t have found your band, so thanks for that! You guys get two metal thumbs up in my book. I’ll tell you what, I’m going to tell more people about you guys around these parts. You guys are sick! Peace!”
Matt, Miami Bay, Florida, United States
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