Review: Resolution (2013) - Metal Titans
Debut albums that blow your mind: always a pleasure. Chosen is a death metal duo hailing from the faraway lands of Ireland. Their 9-track album ‘Resolution’ is a solid piece that might actually stand as one of the best debut albums of the year. Formed in 2005, the guys are obviously not new to the metal scene and I guarantee this can be heard on this release, as it is very professional and demonstrates top-notch musicianship.

First of all, to explain why my brains are blown away, this is a sort of melodic yet crushing death metal with a strong progressive side and good hooks. I was actually looking for a new album this year that would combine these elements of the genre, and I think I found just what I was looking for. It’s quite a compelling listen, from start to finish. There are elements of extreme heaviness brilliantly blended with melodic moments, whether they are mellow passages or rampant leads. It surprises, it flows rapidly and naturally without being overcomplicated and without requiring a huge effort on the listener’s side, provided you are already quite familiar with some progressive metal. In between syncopations and breakdowns you find some great melodic lines contrasting the dark, intense atmosphere.

Some songs do accentuate the heavy side, some - the progressive, technical one. The overall pace is quite fast and convulsive. I particularly liked the parts where the proggy moments dissolve into furiously-paced rhythms. Nice dissonances are like the spice of riffing here. Where they appear, the soft, prog-style clean vocals mix well over very heavy riffs and the galloping rhythms. The guitar leads are sharp and melodic and will surely remind you of a few of your guitar idols - no names given, listen and find out. Apart from that, watch for the fiddle… an unexpected (ok not THAT unexpected) appearance for an added eerie effect but surely very effective.

To think only two guys have created this, I can only bow and praise their twisted minds. I love what they have done here and I highly recommend it to all fans of extreme metal. There’s something here for everyone, you have your desired levels of aggressiveness and then added musicianship that makes everything much more captivating and, warning, possibly addictive.
Review: Resolution (2013) - Metal Discovery
Plenty of modern day extreme metal frankly leaves me cold. A plethora of bands have emerged with an over reliance on blast beats and with identikit screaming vocals that do absolutely nothing for my love of passion and melody. There are always exceptions to the rule, of course, and one of the bands which adds a pretty unique flavour to this genre, in my ears at any rate, are Chosen and their debut album ‘Resolution’. I hadn’t heard of them before now but, according to their website, they were formed in Ireland in 2005, have released a number of demos as well as relocating to Canada for a year to broaden their horizons. Upon returning to the Emerald Isle, half of the band decided to depart, leaving Chosen in a state of flux. After a period of inactivity, however, the two founding members wanted to finish what they had started and pressed forward with making this album and I’m very glad they did as they have released a bit of a beast.

Chosen are now essentially a duo consisting of David McCann (drums/percussion) and Paul Shields (vocals/guitar/bass). Aided by Jackie McNally (additional vocals), Fiona Morrin (fiddle) and Paul Allen (sound fx and synths), if you are a lover of bands such as Meshuggah, Gojira, Cynic, Atheist, Death, Fear Factory, Opeth, Nevermore and a little Devin Townsend then you are going to think Christmas has arrived early this year. Chosen take elements of all of those bands and more and have created a swirling mass of progressive, melodic death metal and fused that with metalcore to fantastic effect.

‘Engines of Belief’ opens the album with some very Celtic influenced rhythms before launching into the track proper and immediately what I loved is how the drums (which are excellent throughout) follow the guitar rhythms. This is a HEAVY and extreme album, but the quality of playing, superb riffs and the fact that Chosen do not rely on ultra fast drumming or soloing just for the sake of it means that I appreciate this so much more than usual. Vocals are not completely screamed either, with some very melodic and pretty good clean singing as well. Add to that some great acoustic and quieter passages within songs, such as the much more progressive ‘The Narcissism Epidemic’ and you have an album full to the brim with a vast array of styles.

What you should also be mightily impressed with (considering this is a completely independent release) is the quality of production and mix courtesy of Alwyn Walker at Westland Studios, Dublin, Ireland. ‘Resolution’ sounds like a Panzer Division of tanks arriving at full speed on your doorstep and not stopping! There is also no let up in quality over the nine songs. Best of all, though, is that apart from the album being available in two very nice looking CD packages, Chosen have seen fit to supply ‘Resolution’ as a completely free download from their website, so there really is no excuse not to check them out! I might still have reservations about the type of screamed vocals that bands like Chosen employ but credit where it’s due, if you can put that aside, what you will find here is an extremely accomplished debut album that is well worth checking out. [7.5/10]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Metal Ireland
If anyone deserves a break, it’s Chosen. Older readers will remember their excellent demos, which each fused well written melodies with technical proficiency, and more importantly, emotion. Then they seemed to go quiet. They seemed to: but in fact the creative duo of Paul Shields and Dave McCann actually moved to Canada to continue the band there. They’ve been back for a few years now, experiencing setback after setback in trying to get a lineup solidified. Rather than be deterred, the duo that formed the core of the band have just decided to plough on and do it themselves - and what remarkable results they’ve achieved on this debut album.

It opens with what almost seems homage. As toms rumble inward, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic opening from Death’s ‘Human’ - the dull thud of ‘Flattening Of Emotions’. There’s no secret that Chosen have always been influenced by Chuck Schuldiner’s songwriting and sound. But the times have moved on, and Chosen have moved with them. There’s as much Gojira in their sound nowadays as anything else, and this album’s muscular production enhances the darkly mechanical groove that they’ve now got comprehensively nailed. In many ways, this album is the true sum of the band’s influences. ‘Defective Prospection’ opens with a sci-fi pummel that’s pure vintage Fear Factory in the best possible way, before launching into that helicopter blade chop first heard on Meshuggah’s ‘I’. It’s pretty breathtaking stuff. Their songwriting quality also shines on ‘The Narcissism Epidemic’, which convulses through a dozen excellent riffs before literally exploding into a frantic blastbeat for the end section - and you know about it when Dave McCann is blasting.

I think of all things though, the biggest surprise in their new format is the excellent quality of Paul Shields’ vocal efforts. He had a very tough act to follow when stepping into the shoes of Carl King, who’s almost Kirk Windstein delivery was a real treat. Yet Paul has made the role his own, even including Cynic esque robo-vocals at points. His rasp is pretty good, but the real highlight here is definitely his clean work. It’s powerful, never loses the note and never sounds timorous the way many heavy singers can when making their first forays into singing properly. In truth the only dud on here is the rather irritating ‘Mental Clarity', which sort of lacks exactly that - it’s a bit of a ponder round some first year philosophy lyrics and riffs that don’t really do much service to everything else on the album. It feels like a song they had to do, rather than one they really engaged with. Things get back on track in no time however, and the band just sail through the remainder. ‘Diminishment’ is pure Gojira, while influences from Cynic and Nevermore pepper the rest of it. It’s a mix of all that’s great - Death, Nevermore, Atheist, Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Dark Tranquility all find their home in Chosen’s sound.

The production is almost impossibly beefy for just two dudes, and really lets the kick drums in particular punch through with a noticeable effect on the air pressure around your speakers. The tone is just incredible. So fair play to Chosen, not just for sticking with it through thick and thin, but for forging a molten metal machine of an album that screams quality from its every note. This is the new sound of Metal in Ireland - a new generation has taken over, putting out music of sometimes boggling quality and tone, taking the best influences from extreme metal’s past while looking ahead to the future. And in Chosen’s case, the calibre of their work is the very sound of perseverance. Superb. [4.2/5]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Rock Freaks
Every music fan has their favorite bands - their heroes. As a teenager digging through the endless depths of metal music, I found bands like Slayer, Pantera and Testament to be the ones that I look up to. Checking out this next band, I found some overall similarity with one of my other inspirations - the almighty Death. As a positive surprise, I discovered that the release about to be presented truly follows the line of bands comprising of virtuous instrumentalists.

Without further ado, I give you Chosen - an Irish duo with the taste for fast metal with surgical precision. David McCann (drums, percussion) and Paul Shields (vocals, guitars) are the two ‘chosen’ components which interact on a higher level. Their (instru)mental bond has produced numerous EPs which are followed by the topic of this review - the full length release entitled ‘Resolution’. A fitting name to this hard pounding and truly impressive musical experience.

Right off the bat Chosen decide to switch directly to the last gear they have on their death machine. ‘Engines of Belief’ has that modern Gojira sound that every metal fan aware of the present scene will surely recognize. Gurgling guitar chops that Meshuggah have introduced to the world can also be heard in the overall mix of madness called ‘Defective Prospection’.

Something that the duo should definitely take pride of is the ability to make a logical transition from furious machine gun double-bass sections to tender acoustic guitar parts back and forth. Looking into the vocal section a little bit closer I can see a great resemblance to the work of the genius that is Chuck Schuldiner. The hissing screams, the deep growls that Randy Blythe has spat out countless times, combined with the airy Devin Townsend clean parts fill in the spectrum smartly.

‘Resolution’ brings fans of technical metal music something to cheer about. There are many nuances of musicianship that lurk around the whole record. They will satisfy your taste for the nifty drum work and flawless guitar chops. Satisfaction is a long lasting sensation here, trust me! [7/10]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Scream Press
Dublin born Chosen have grafted their metal sound into a fuming beast over the course of eight years and now with a new album release called ‘Resolution’, things are looking bright for their future. They’ve had an incredible response to their release, with thousands of downloads and any number of positive reviews posted throughout the metal community. With several EPs recorded between here and Vancouver, ‘Resolution’ is their first full length album and what a package they’ve created. The album is available for download on their website and at other locations but they have also pieced together a beautiful limited edition hardcopy CD and a separate Collector’s Edition (a sixty-page full cover book filled with photos, lyrics and diaries). It’s a step further than most other bands will go and an awesome touch to their new release. Check these pieces out at their website; definitely worth a look.

But most importantly the music reflects the physical beauty of this collection. Recorded at Westland Studios in Dublin, ‘Resolution’ pulls together their experience and moulds it into this diverse metal beast. It’s quick and edgy from the outset with influences from the likes of Gojira, Nevermore and Opeth seeping through their riffs without saturating. Although segments may be similar in places to various big name bands they’re hard to place and never overused. The result of which is a sound Paul Shields and David McCann have developed over the years to create Chosen.

Key tracks on the album for me were ‘Engines of Belief’, ‘Mental Clarity’ and ‘Metaphysical Contradiction’. For me, these stood out amongst the rest, delivering tribal drum openings, crushing guitar riffs, jagged veering vocals and flowing metal grooves. ‘Mental Clarity’ as such is just an enjoyable song that if anything else should be given a quick listen. Rounding off on ‘Resolution’, it’s great to see a band go that extra step with their physical productions for their album. In today’s music environment, especially here in Ireland, this is what’s needed. Chosen’s Collector’s Edition of their album is something special that I really hope people come to appreciate.
Review: Resolution (2013) - Emurg
I learned from an interview with the band McGalligog that the metal scene in Ireland is not entirely big or popular at the moment, but it seems to be growing, and the bands I have heard thus far are generally on the more talented side of things. I had the chance to review McGalligog’s album a little while back along with that interview, and now we are here with the debut album from the band Chosen, entitled ‘Resolution’. It is an aggressive, yet groove-heavy album that provides an excellent listening experience all throughout. They take heavy influence from the likes of Meshuggah and Gojira, but craft those stylings into a work of their own.

The album starts out with the track ‘Engines of Belief’ that has this very tribal/Celtic feeling drum pattern that extends well into the beginning of the song with an acoustic guitar part to help accent it. Soon this is overcome by a barrage of sound. This fast pace is kept up throughout the album with hints of atmosphere here and there to help keep the album together as a unit. This album is chock full of technical prowess and capability, that as a technical death metal geek, it is really hard not to love it. The production overall is done very well, and it does a great job masking the fact that there is no dedicated bassist. Which once you actually discover and look for you’ll notice that the album is not very bass heavy at all. You will also be surprised that the whole album is done by just two guys. David McCann takes over all the drums and percussion duties, and Paul Shields covers everything else.

The drums on this album are not near the complexity of Tomas Haake’s drumming; the time signatures on the album aren’t trying to be crazy like Meshuggah and they don’t really traverse any new ideas in drumming, but overall the drums are technically sound and provide an excellent pacemaker for the album. Nothing about them feels out of place, and they are not obnoxious in the mix, which is always nice. The vocals are impressive as well. Taking a lot of inspiration from the likes of Jens Kidman, but mixing in a good assortment of clean vocals, they add a lot to the atmosphere of the album. They’re a sort of slower more haunting vocal style, and it’s done really well. It very well adds to the sinister feel the atmosphere provides overall.

The final track on the album ‘The Departure Lounge’ is one of the most aggressive on the album, and is a fantastic way to end off this beast. It sums up their sound really well and touches base with everything that makes them who they are. At just over 45 minutes long this album isn’t by any means long for a tech death album leaning towards progressive death metal, but it’s a great length. It doesn’t feel like it drags on at any moment and each song fits perfectly in its spot.

Chosen’s style may be heavily inspired by the likes of Gojira and Meshuggah, but there is something really refreshing about their take on technical death metal. It’s a solid blend of crushing groovy riffs and technical prowess that doesn’t in the slightest feel like a rehashing of their inspirations work. Chosen have found a way to fit in between these bands styles and make it work for themselves. These guys are definitely a band to watch, and the Irish metal scene is lucky to have such talent. [4.5/5]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Sound Shock
If you can’t name any metal bands from Ireland, don’t kick yourself; no one can. Until now, at least. Chosen are an Irish extreme metal duo who, due to an inexhaustible string of line-up changes and setbacks, have only just recorded their debut album, ‘Resolution’, despite having been together since 2005. With influences ranging from Nevermore to Opeth to Gojira, you’ll be disappointed if you were hoping for some folk metal like an Irish Korpiklaani. ‘Resolution’ is too crushing to jig around to.

The start of opening track ‘Engines of Belief’ is a mere wink at their cultural roots with an appetite-whetting blast of Celtic-like drums, and a nod to the progressive aspects of their music. The hard grind in Chosen’s music becomes increasingly apparent through the aggressive, rhythmic drums in ‘Defective Prospection’, the vocal-heavy ‘The Narcissism Epidemic’, and its stylistic pitching and rolling. ‘Mental Clarity’ has a tidy main riff that could cut through concrete with its precision and bruising vibrations. Chosen’s exacting musicianship and dark, eclectic methodology is distinct right to the last mournful strains.

‘Resolution’ is an industrious and energetic album, pulsating with the diverse facets of the band’s distinguishable influences. Chosen’s songwriting skills have crafted an album that will be instantly accessible to a wide circle of metal fans yet still retain a magnetic allure due to the intensity of its heavier songs. This is a weighty addition to bulk up any extreme metal collection. [7/10
Review: Resolution (2013) - Kingdom of Noise
From the Emerald Isle come Chosen and their album, ‘Resolution’. This prog-minded extreme metal duo is comprised of percussionist David McCann and guitarist/vocalist Paul Shields. For nearly an hour Chosen hash out an intense blend of heaviness and melody with complex songwriting and flawless musicianship.

With no song less than five minutes these Irish lads take ample time letting their ideas flow forth. When dropping the heavy, it gets really heavy. Chunky riffs force the need for movement, whether just headbanging or full-on mosh destruction. Those churning and heaving riffs are countered by plenty of syncopation, with the duo locked in with each other, pounding your ears into submission. The effect is close to maybe deathcore or metalcore but never feels as played out as those genres.

Let’s not forget the melodies. As deft as Chosen are at the ground and pound, they are equally adept at laying up and letting prog elements filter through. The effect of such diversity is that you can never really pin Resolution into one genre. The crunch and pace likens to death metal, as does Shields’ scratchy rasp but at times one can feel classic metal influences or even a touch of industrial. Tracks such as ‘The Narcissism Epidemic’ and ‘Metaphysical Contradiction’ -- the two longest -- also see Shields utilizing clean vocals to emphasize the softer side of the band. While the band do play with mostly culture-neutral tendencies, their Irish roots are displayed in places via acoustic guitars and other strings, but only briefly. It’s something this writer wouldn’t mind Chosen exploring more in the future.

‘Resolution’ is an enigmatic and aggressive album from a band with a clear vision of their direction. Chugging staccato rhythms and sweet melodic prog blend seamlessly to form tracks that will bubble to the surface of your mind when you least expect it. Ride the waves crashing into the rocky shores. With further development Chosen is a name we could be hearing more of.
Review: Resolution (2013) - Metal News Online
Oh, the treasure I have found in the intensity, musicianship and overall sound of my Irish metal brothers, Chosen. There must be something in the whiskey over there because I’m seriously impressed. Chosen hails from Dublin, Ireland, and plays a slightly more progressive-than-normal type of death metal mixed with what feels like just a little influence of Lamb of God style American metal at times.

I say this with complete honesty, Chosen’s new album, ‘Resolution’, has a little bit of something for everyone. I posted about these guys last month in advance of the album being released for free saying they are similar to Gojira only better (and with some obvious influence from Cynic and Death) and after hearing the album in its entirety, I confirm that statement with one caveat; the whole album sounds less like Gojira and more like a band with their own thing happening. Hell, I would put them closer to Obscura than Gojira now that I think about it.

I could make a whole big argument about why you should buy this album, but I’m not going to… because they’re GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE. This is the first band in a very long time I feel strongly about and if nothing else, I ask you to scroll down and listen to the new record in its entirety. If you like it, download it for free. You literally have nothing to lose by giving these guys a shot.

My review of Chosen’s ‘Resolution?’ It’s fucking awesome. There are a couple of choices musically that I might not have ‘chosen’ myself (see what I did there?), but then if I had, it would be my band and not theirs. Do yourself a favor and get on board with Chosen now. I can’t wait to see this shit live. [4.5/5]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Ring Master Review
Resolution is one of this year’s most generous gifts to extreme and experimental metal, such is the quality and stature of the debut album from Irish metallers Chosen. The release is sensational, a primal predator of scintillating imagination and exhaustingly pleasing invention. Having missed out on their earlier EPs, this is an introduction to the site which has left us open mouthed in awe and drooling in passion at the immense violation of extreme excellence.

Cast as for fans of the likes of Nevermore, Gojira, Cynic, and Death, the album shows the band pulls far beyond limitations with their sound and surely anyone with an adventure for stylish and senses stretching hunger in their music will find a feast with Resolution. Formed in 2005 by Paul Shields (vocals/guitars) and David McCann (drums/percussion) as teenagers, Chosen crafted a strong fanbase for their uniquely sculpted and intrusive sound with the metal community in their homeland. Releasing a number of independent and well-received demos as well as acclaimed live shows around Ireland, the band then went through a number of line-up changes. In 2008 the founding pair relocated to Vancouver for a successful year which included a Canada-wide tour, as well as playing a unique tribute gig to the late Chuck Schuldiner, before returning home in 2009 to record their debut album. On their return the band was reduced to just the pair as members quit which led to the project taking an undefined hiatus.

Shields and McCann eventually came together to move forward by pushing on with the recording of the album and entered the studio with producer Alwyn Walker to lay down the frame for the release whilst also looking for other musicians to bring in. Though successful on both counts the band was reduced to just the pair again, so the decision was made to complete the album just by themselves with Walker, Shields taking over vocal and bass duties too. From that journey what has emerged is an album which explores and ignites the senses and imagination for a furnace of blistering and uncompromising invention, a release which is like a sonic puppeteer leading thoughts and passions on a collision of riveting ingenuity, technical mastery, and unbridled confrontation.

The release opens on a jungle of rhythms from McCann, their lure irresistible as the guitar of Shields offers a veil of mystique to the start of ‘Engines of Belief’. It is mere breaths lengths of time before the track ravages the ear with tumultuous rhythms and equally demanding riffs whilst further guitar manipulation skirts the senses and twists their thoughts with increasingly devilish designs. The harsh guttural squalls ride the intensity with gusto and venom whilst the clean vocals support their weight with magnetism as potent as the invention now rife within the fury of a track. It is a staggering start which claws at and gnaws upon the synapses with unexpected brilliance, a colossal fire of enterprise brought through greedy brutality.

Could the release from such a start prevent an antic-climax steeping forward next was the first thought but ‘Defective Prospection’ and ‘The Narcissism Epidemic’ both took no time in making the wonderment moot, such is their oppressive and inventive confrontations. Certainly the first of the pair does not find the same plateau of brilliance as its predecessor but still delivers an expanse of provocative investigation whilst the second song from its delicious acoustic lined welcome and emotive ambience steps into a maelstrom of ferocious inventive charges and a scintillating merger of melodic beauty and carnal savagery. It is a brilliant track rivalling the starter and again sending creative shock waves across thoughts and sparking thick ardour for it and the album.

The outstanding ‘Diminishment’ with its mesmeric melodic peace veined by raptorial rhythmic persistence and bestial admonishment of the senses exchanging and entwining their pure hearts, and the equally thrilling ‘Instinct’ with its Meshuggah spiced rugged textures and rhythmic spite, both sear new heights upon passions and the release whilst ‘Asch’s Paradigm’ is a song which initially inspires a bedlam bred sinister air before evolving into a tempest of corrosive beauty and seductive severity. The second of the three is a psyche twisted progressive intrigue with imagination to its cryptic fascination and a destructive onslaught vocally and musically unleashed whilst ‘Asch’s Paradigm’ is a malevolent tight wrap of blood boiling intensity persuaded to share its time with melodic elegance and wanton temptation.

The closing pair of ‘Metaphysical Contradiction’ and ‘The Departure Lounge’ seals the branding deal upon the heart with in the case of the first a conflict of balance disrupting sonic dissidence and the closer through an irresistible initial death metal ravishing with djent punctuation moving on to open up arms of melodic acidity and warmth. As it began and admittedly continued through every moment, Resolution ends on the loftiest pinnacles. The album is pure ingenuity and raging inventive passion to inspire the same potency in the reactions and emotions of the listener. Chosen is a tsunami waiting to happen for European metal and their album is not only one of the very best this year but of the past decade, and there is no reason to miss out either as the self-released album is available as a ‘Name Your Own Price’ download and also in a Deluxe Special Edition or a Collector’s Edition CD. [10/10]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Wormwood Chronicles
This Irish band comes waltzing into the metal world with no fanfare or expectations and manages to hugely surprise me with a thoroughly professional and compelling slab of modern extreme metal that can stand with the biggest names in the genre. A two-man outfit, Chosen is working the same general territory as Meshuggah and Fear Factory, but with added atmosphere and progression from influences like Nevermore and Opeth. For once, the press sheet describes them exactly right.

Looking at these two modest gentlemen, you would expect something more along the lines of Shinedown, but looks are deceiving! They unleash some furious and inventive staccato riffing that will pound your brain remorselessly. The production values here are shockingly advanced and offer final proof that independent metal can sound as good as anything coming from Nuclear Blast or Century Media. The vocals are all over the map but mostly are of the raw, screaming kind. ‘Defective Prospection’ emerges as one of my fave tracks because of the unusual vocal approach which is hard to properly describe... not exactly harsh, but not ‘normal’ either.

Sometimes Chosen’s resemblance to Fear Factory is uncanny, especially on ‘Asch’s Paradigm’, when there is an amazing clean vocal chorus over soaring industrial riffing that could have come straight from ‘Demanufacture’. Maybe it is not original, but when you meet or surpass your inspiration, the point is moot. The band tends towards the epic and adds many atmospheric or subdued parts to add dimension to their sound. But each track is dominated by hammering metal. If this band doesn’t get signed by a good independent metal label, it is a crime against music. For a debut release, ‘Resolution’ is a phenomenal start.
Review: Resolution (2013) - The Front Row Report
It’s rare in the music industry nowadays to create something new and different. It’s even rarer when this happens and it’s good. The majority of new bands out there and new musical acts are just recycled versions of what’s already been. Irish metallers Chosen may not be completely innovative, they may not be game-changers, but their latest album, Resolution, is definitely a different take on metal.

It’s gritty, it’s heavy, it’s riff-loaded - it’s got it all. There’s that tiny undertone of Irish heritage and traditional Irish music just beneath the surface and if you listen, you’ll hear it. However, if it was a little more dominant and prominent it would add to the effect - the album does lose some steam toward the end but it’s not enough to take away from the overall experience. Overall, Resolution is a great album and an impressive record. Chosen could easily pick up steam in the States because, lately, a lot of the metal has been blending together and fans are itching for something fresh and new. [8/10]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Cosmos Gaming
Ireland’s Chosen may be a new name, but the band actually formed in 2005 and put out several EPs before disbanding in 2009 after two of its members moved to Canada. In 2011 the two remaining members decided to revive the group, but instead of finding new members to fill the gap they remained a duo. The resulting album that has resulted from this new version of Chosen is entitled Resolution and has been offered as a free/pay what you want download as well as an enhanced physical edition. It’s a well-produced effort that offers a surprising amount of variation, and if you’re a fan of modern extreme metal you should check these guys out.

The primary genre that Chosen pulls from throughout their album is melodic death metal with a slight hint of metalcore, but they add a lot of different elements over the top of this base that give each of these songs a slightly different feel. In addition to the type of heavy hitting, melodically tinged leads that are typical for the style, the instrumentals also incorporate some Meshuggah sounding grooves and much heavier, technical sections that have a more traditional death metal feel. Although the group has gone for longer tracks with each of the nine spanning five minutes or longer, it never feels as though any of the ideas are repeated for too long and everything fits together naturally. I was also impressed by how well produced this effort is, as sometimes when a band offers a release for free it has a demo recording quality to it but Resolution is just as highly polished and aggressive as anything else you’ll hear in this genre.

Paul Shields handles all of the main vocal work on this release, although the band did bring in a guest singer for a few moments to provide some additional harmony. Shields alternates between a rough scream/growl and clean singing, and while I know listeners tend to be fairly divided when it comes to clean vocals in this genre he pulls it off in a way that feels powerful and is well suited to the group’s overall sound. I have to admit that the higher pitched screaming style seemed like it could become repetitive fairly easily, so the fact that Chosen went for clean breaks on a regular basis really helped to break things up and maintain a strong performance.

Resolution has quite a few standout moments, and Chosen really seems to encompass a little bit of every style when it comes to the modern extreme metal world. The fact that the group has been willing to put a release this polished out there for potentially free consumption is an incredibly nice gesture as well, and hopefully it will help to get their name out there and lead to further opportunities. I’m excited to see where this duo will go from here, as they definitely seem to have ambition when it comes to songwriting and there are still plenty of elements that could be further explored.
Review: Resolution (2013) - The Metal Pit
I really dig bands that fuse musical elements and thus become a poly-hybrid entity. In this case the band in question goes under the moniker of Chosen and originally hailing from Ireland. Right from the hop though, the duo of Paul Shields (vocals/guitars) and David McCann (drums/percussion) are a formidable combo, crafting solid musicianship into an aesthetic of many extremes. They rely heavily on crushing grooves, progressive death metal and polyrhythmic tones to create a distinct sound of dissonance.

At times I recall Meshuggah, Lamb of God, Death and perhaps a dash of Arsis. Although, Chosen is far from being a mere copy of those bands listed here, but instead fuel their core sound with well-crafted arrangements and some stunning riffing to put hair on your chest. They have previously released 4 EPs and now are set to release their debut full length Resolution for metal fans who want their music pushing the boundaries and extending the limits of what is acceptable in the field of melodic death metal.

Resolution is brimming with top-notch performances through and through, while remaining entirely fresh from beginning to end. The relentless approach to tracks like ‘Mental Clarity’, ‘Instinct’ and ‘Metaphysical Contradiction’ anchor this debut with a fierce proclamation to usher in something completely different. Clocking in at nearly an hour’s length, you won’t find commercial, sterile metal, but instead music that is refreshing and strives to give melodic death metal a shot in the arm. Even the final track on this release ‘The Departure Lounge’ chugs along and is interspersed with chunks full of multi-layered rhythms. The melodic parts kick in about halfway through and it just makes for an interesting listen.

As a duo, Shields and McCann merge uniquely into a singular unit that provides skill, originality and aggression into their core sound. There seemingly doesn’t appear to be a weak song in the bunch and this will make their debut a noteworthy release for a band wanting to be more than the sum of their parts. Surely melodic death metal is the best way to categorize their style, but Chosen strives to be something else and that’s a good thing. [5/5]
Review: Resolution (2013) - We Like It Heavy
Irish metal. Sounds like one of those Starburst contradiction commercials doesn’t it? Here in the States, speaking on my own encounters, Irish metal bands are pretty uncommon. My first thought when I heard ‘Irish metal’ was Celtic meets Metallica, and then I listened to Chosen’s newest album ‘Resolution’ and any previous idea of what Irish metal sounded like was completely dismantled.

Chosen is an experimental/progressive metal band that has been rocking the metal world since 2005. They combine extreme metal with bone crushing heaviness along with some added flares to deliver a sound any metal fan will surely love. The most impressive thing of all is that they’re a duo. ‘Resolution’ is a 9 track album that’ll take just under an hour to listen the whole way through. To start things off, the band has chosen (bad pun, moving on) to come out swinging with ‘Engines of Belief’. The five and a half minute song shows exactly what the band is capable of - fast paced riffs, explosive drumming, heavy breakdowns, relentless screams, and magnificent clean vocals.

The guitar work all throughout the album is simply incredible; fast paced, intricate, melodic, and all around heavy. There are some slightly off-beat chugs throughout the album which just add variety and make the songs that much more enjoyable. There are also some acoustic parts laced throughout the album such as at the beginning of ‘The Narcissism Epidemic’. These parts accent the album beautifully and break up the heavy sound briefly enough to make the heavier parts stand out even more.

The drumming on ‘Resolution’ is definitely top notch as well. It’s more than just your standard metal drumming. There’s speed, there’s insane fills, and there’s incredible cymbal work which accent the guitar work in perfect places. The vocals on this album are just amazing. The screams remind me of Jens Kidman of the infamous Meshuggah. They’re harsh, relentless, and fit the music style incredibly well. The cleans also fit in very well and add a sort of eerie feeling to the songs. They aren’t under-utilized, but they’re not used in excess either which makes them that much better.

My favorites off the album are the first track ‘Engines of Belief’, the second track ‘Defective Perception’, and the seventh track ‘Asch’s Paradigm’. These three tracks really stand out from the rest, but there isn’t a bad song on the album. All in all, ‘Resolution’ is an incredible album that deserves recognition worldwide. I definitely am on the lookout for more Irish metal after experiencing what Chosen brings to the table. [4/5]
Review: Resolution (2013) - One Metal
Irish progressive death metal duo Chosen have been around since 2005, releasing a handful of EPs and generally honing their chops in preparation for the release of their debut full-length, Resolution. Their hard work has paid off, as Resolution is a self-assured release that showcases a confident marshalling of the band’s influences as well as an individual voice.

Those influences manifest themselves in various ways - from the Gojira-esque screeching pick scrapes in ‘Defective Prospection’, to the Cynic-al vocal effects subtly incorporated into parts of ‘Mental Clarity’, by way of the strongly Opethian vibe conjured by album highlight ‘The Narcissism Epidemic’ (and throughout vocalist/guitarist Paul Shields’ deathlier vocals in general).

Throughout Resolution, Chosen do a great job of melding modern, djent-inflected rhythmic bludgeon and metalcore-esque chugging breakdowns with more languidly melodic and looser forms of prog, also balancing barking, harsh vocals with equally effective clean tones - meaning that there’s something in Resolution for Meshuggah worshippers and aficionados of less stridently aggressive progressive music alike. [4.5/5]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Metal Bite
I have heard some extreme metal from the oddest of places across our huge planet. That always shows how global metal has become and now Ireland is in on it, and we as a group are happy about it. This band started in the islands of Ireland, travelling to Vancouver in Canada to continue and then back to the Emerald Isles, losing two members in the process. Now as a duo, this band unleash a metallic barrage that shapes its thunder by using all sorts of metal in the making. Death, thrash, groove and even metalcore all are used and lovingly mashed together to come out as how Chosen has ‘chosen’ it to be.

This sort of metal is not my cup of tea normally but there were some amazing songs laying just in wait for me, much to my surprise. I was impressed with the track ‘Engines of Belief’ with its controlled frenetic riff and angry metalcore vocals that seemed to urge it all along with this wall of a blistering attack. Equally as chaotic, ‘Mental Clarity’ puts how this band is right in your face. Some of the vocals tend to get lost in the mix but with metalcore, it always seemed that way. But yet, that is the icing on this extreme metal cake. This is one of the few bands that have made it come alive for me, a true accomplishment you can tell. I would love to see this band with a straight metal vocalist with an alternative twist to his or her voice but I can more than live with it just like it is on the album. Chosen might not be your normal listen but it is worth spending the just under an hour to hear it. I took a chance, and loved my ‘Chosen’ time. [9/10]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Metal Forces Magazine
Considered by many to be a melodic death metal act, Ireland’s Chosen are clearly more than that - combining nu-metal aesthetics with polished and at times technical deathcore - particularly in the vocal angst of Paul Shields who provides the often epileptic guitar grind alongside percussionist David McCann. I have to admit to not being a fan of this sort of overtly modern style of metal, but thankfully there is enough going on here to keep me interested, the duo opting for a seemingly multi-layered experience that combines unusual experimentalism with crushing weight.

Album opener ‘Engines of Belief’ is a prime example of the Chosen’s flexibility as they drift between a crisp and well-structured style of modern death metal fused with soaring melody, as Shields drifts between harsh bleats and ascending wails that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Slipknot record. Elsewhere, the band come up trumps with the thrashing chug of ‘Defective Prospection’, a battering ram of a track injected by those almost calming vocals. My favourite track on the record is ‘The Narcissism Epidemic’, a sweeping, brooding mini-masterpiece that drifts by on acoustic guitar and haunting melody, evoking images of strange sadness and ice cold melancholy before being cut short abruptly by those punishing riffs and guttural rasps.

Chosen are certainly a band that is hard to pin down, so fluent are they in whatever styles they chose. There is clearly a Faith No More influence here, especially in those jarring chords and melodies which refuse to remain calm, the complexity at times hinting at the joyous, jazzed-up surrealism of Cynic, while the weight toils with mid-90s death metal (think Meshuggah and the like). The band are clearly very talented musicians, masters at unpredictability and champions at discordant dynamics. Just check out the grating ‘Instinct’ with its barbed-wire drums and bone-jerking structures, and if you’re still not convinced by the devilry then dare yourself to dive into the pummelling realm of ‘Asch’s Paradigm’, possibly the most inviting track on the opus with those crystal clear vocal swoons.

Chosen are more than happy to wield together industrial-tinged metal with surreal soundscapes that are quickly erased by those juggernaut guitars. The last time I heard something akin to Chosen was the bizarre experience of Austria’s Korovakill and their 2001 Waterhells opus, and while Resolution is a more straight forward affair, these guys are clearly not afraid to dabble with the avant-garde. Despite the crisp production and glimmering dynamics, this is still a mysterious affair that at once is able to grate on the soul while caressing it at the same time. I look forward to more from these ambitious Irishmen. Give me this over U2 any day! [8/10]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Chronicles of Chaos
From our fruitful yet unfortunately under-used promos bin, we bring you today the debut album ‘Resolution’ by the Irish group Chosen. My experience with Irish bands has many good memories thanks to the fine works of Primordial and Altar of Plagues, so I approached Chosen with an air of optimism. As soon as ‘Resolution’ started, the opening track ‘Engines of Belief’ planted the Irish flag firm and deep in my mind. The track starts with a thirty-six second introductory segment (in 6/4 as is customary) that easily tops any Irish melody you’ll get from Primordial. It’s an amazing beginning to a very impressive album from these debutants and it proves that these lads have lots of tricks up their collective sleeves.

‘Resolution’ churns on with confidence and technical dexterity for fifty-four minutes. The first spin of the record will have you hooked to the more obvious parts, like the aforementioned intro or the catchy chorus on ‘Asch’s Paradigm’. As you dig deeper though, you’ll find more gems slowly appearing in the foreground and grabbing your attention, like the ferocious triplet guitar patterns on ‘The Narcissism Epidemic’ and the forceful transition from clean to harsh vocals on ‘Defective Prospection’. In many instances, I felt that the guitar sounds a bit like Meshuggah’s Thordendal and Hagström in tone, while some of the riffs had me thinking of Chuck Schuldiner’s.

There’s obviously a wide range of influences on display here, but they are fused together with some originality to produce this impressive result. The production job here is one that deserves a tip of the hat. With all the intense drumming on this record and the continuous variations in riff moods, the end result came out very balanced indeed. This is a very ambitious debut from a talented duo that showcases their various influences from the extreme metal world while adding a bit of character to the mix. ‘Resolution’ comes highly recommended to all fans of extreme metal and fans of the progressive metal world that are open to a bit more brutality than the genre’s norm. Oh by the way, these guys are also nice enough to put this album up for free download on their website. Now you have no reason not to listen to it. [7.5/10]
Review: Resolution (2013) - We Love Metal
What I have for you today is a duo that sounds like a 12-piece band. Heavier than hell and groovier than the half-naked drunk girl dancing at the bar (trust me, that’s a whole lot of groovy). Chosen are transplants from Ireland that ended up in Vancouver with a sound that is crushing in volume and deep in songwriting and musicianship. Resolution is my first taste of the band and I literally can’t get enough of it. We see nine tracks that are blistering in their approach while at the same time have the substance to listen to time and time again. Much like a good movie you will pick something new up every time you press play. Instead of going on like a high Slipknot fan let me talk about some specific tracks:

The track ‘Diminishment’ is a great piece of production aside from the merits of the song. The kicks are constant and become blended into the plodding parts of the song. The breakouts bring the drums back to normal levels that steer some very grungy guitars and vocals. There is a definite influence of Gojira involved with the layout of this song, but in a much more subtle way. ‘Metaphysical Contradiction’ has an amazing lead in that it shows some true instrumental passion. There is literally so many genres of metal blended into the first two minutes of this song I couldn’t begin to list them here. Not only that; we hear the blending of completely other genres of music throughout the song. I even wrote “is that Spanish?” in my notes. The songwriting was risky and it paid off. As for ‘Mental Clarity’ you just need to hear it. All the press material mentions Chosen’s sound in comparison to Meshuggah and I swore I wouldn’t, but with the groove and catchiness I really have no choice. I can’t get enough of this song.

I’m one of those people that become very ecstatic over finding new material that is really tremendous and something I personally want to listen to time and time again. The album drops on March 30th and I highly encourage you to make this purchase. You will be getting in on the ground floor of extreme legends in the making! As for the obvious Irish reference I have to make: “I went over the metal rainbow and found a pot of gold that melted my pale Canadian skin off”. Sorry boys, had to be done! [8/10]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Rock n Reel Reviews
I’ll be honest and say I’ve never heard of these lads and to try and find out info on them was pretty taxing, but after some trolling on the net, I was rewarded with their website details. Anyway, onwards and in to the depth of metal I go. They say and I quote “drawing influence from distinctive groups such as Death, Meshuggah, Gojira, Cynic, and Nevermore” which may or may not be accurate. I know it’s easier if you know where a band’s metal roots lie before you listen, to give you an idea of what to expect, but I like the surprise of that first listen. However the Nevermore influence is more apparent to me than anything else; their sound of epic, melodic, almost doom style riffs in a traditional sound, but without the vocals. Chosen have added more impact to the vocals and I suppose in more keeping with Meshuggah and Gojira, which would round up that assessment of sound. Anyway I’m here to add my own angle to what this band has to offer rather than the similarities to their influences and if you listen to this album without any previous knowledge of the aforementioned influences, be prepared to have your world rocked.

Resolution fucking rocks! That is all that needs to be said on the music sense. Perhaps acknowledgement should be paid to the Irish duo that created it, but we’ll assume they get that from the praise the album is receiving here. It’s a fine compendium of riffs, drums, guttural vocals, mixed to a sweet perfection of momentous ear bashing. The production is very well executed and the mix sees the layering of instruments to give a nice wall of sound. If I were to equate this band to anyone or another album it would be Paradise Lost and in particular, their Draconian Times album. How’s that for specifics and I fucking love that album, but Chosen have a more modern sound about them, a polished edge in the metal world that is both heavier and more technical than the Paradise Lost album, but gives you an idea. In summary then; it’s Irish, it’s heavy and it’s metal and you need nothing more to sit back and have the grey matter dusted off with some chunky riffs and eloquent metal mastery. [4/5]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Metal Disciple
Chosen is an Irish melodic death metal band and ‘Resolution’ is their full-length debut. The band also has a number of well-received EPs dating back to 2005. Well this was certainly a nice surprise. I can always count on Jon Asher of Asher Media Relations to send me some great new metal bands that I’ve not heard before, and damn if he hasn’t done it again. The album kicks off with such a rich and clear production that I immediately sat up and took notice before the guy even started singing. This is the kind of production I always hope for when I put on a new album. I bow down in appreciation before whoever engineered this album. Based on the wonderfully detailed bio sheet I received, I believe that must be Alwyn Walker and Westland Studios in Dublin. Mighty hails!

This is not your typical melodic death metal album. The album is built on a foundation of melodic death metal, but at the very least one has to acknowledge a bit of progressive as well. I’m not going to speculate any further than that, you will just have to hear the album to understand how much more than ‘melodic death metal’ this album is. All this wonderfully lush and full sounding music was created by just two guys; Paul Shields handles the vocals and guitars, while David McCann does the drums and percussion. I cannot overstate how impressed I am with ‘Resolution’. This is a top-notch metal release that damn well better get heaps of praise from the metal press this year. Anything less would be an embarrassment to metal reviewers the world over.
Review: Resolution (2013) - Irish Metal Archive
Chosen haven’t had a straight forward run at creating their debut album. In their earliest incarnation the band released a trio of demos entitled ‘Fragment - Piece I, II, and III’ as well as a few other promos. But ironically this particular line-up would indeed fragment, leading to the formation and evolution of two very different bands. The sludge/doom styled Two Tales of Woe and the melodic death metal duo that is the current Chosen. And as much as I loved those early releases at the time and still do today, I don’t think I could have envisaged that particular line-up to have ever gone on to create this ‘Resolution’ album.

Persistent line-up troubles delayed the first stages of this album’s recording process to the point that the band actually called it quits at one point. But the core members of guitarist Paul Shields and drummer Dave McCann still had a hunger in them and to their testament decided to complete what they had started a few years earlier and resurrected the band again. The decision was eventually made for Shields to handle guitar, bass and vocals in order to complete the recordings; a wise decision that will hopefully pay huge dividends for them.

‘Engines of Belief’ is the band’s opening statement of intent. And right from the off it’s clear that Shields and McCann mean business. The tribal, almost Celtic drumming and acoustic intro suddenly gives way to razor sharp riffs and caustic vocals, while the melodic clean sung chorus counteracts the overall intensity nicely. It’s quickly followed by ‘Defective Prospection’. The rapid-fire intro initially brings to mind Fear Factory or Strapping Young Lad and the vocals are more varied here also alternating nicely between clean and death styles. But it’s the third track ‘The Narcissism Epidemic’ where the band really starts to spread their prog/tech metal wings a little. The understated acoustic intro lures you in with its rich and comforting guitar tone before you’re jarred back to reality with a magnificent crushing riff and pummelling drums. The Opeth influence at times is unmistakable as the track weaves in and out between melodic, clean sung and superb harsh-throated metallic sections. Quite simply, the track is a masterpiece!

The quality of the songwriting and musicianship doesn’t let up once for the duration. There are flurries of prog and dare I say “djent” dotted all over the album, as well as glorious moments of outright metal fury on tracks like ‘Asch’s Paradigm’ and ‘Instinct’ with a killer riff that simply lays waste to everything within speaker range. And yet all the while they manage to maintain a perfect balance between the crushing metal weight on one side and the opposing melodic, mellower on the other end of the spectrum, with penultimate track ‘Metaphysical Contradiction’ being a perfect example of this. Album closer ‘The Departure Lounge’ is another powerhouse as riffs and blast-beats are hurled hard and fast and again you’re steered through a technical obstacle course of tempo changes and vocal ranges. A perfect finish that will leave you begging for more!

The range of influences on offer is breath-taking. You can hear classic prog/death elements of bands like Atheist, Death and Opeth as well as the crushing intensity of Meshuggah throughout the entire nine tracks on offer. And most importantly the two lads have the chops to match the quality and musicianship of the aforementioned legendary groups. On the one hand they utilise straight up death metal and then in a blink you’re side-swiped with displays of simple melodic clarity or a battery of technical riffs and drumming.

Production courtesy of the ever impressive Alwyn Walker is easily one of the best I’ve heard from him. And that’s saying a lot given his track record. With this particular album and the latest releases he’s helmed for Dichotomy and Atheos, he’s set the bar very high indeed for underground Irish metal in general
Review: Resolution (2013) - Metal Talk
The debut full length release ‘Resolution’, from Irish death metal duo Chosen follows a series of well received EPs since their inception in 2005. The album stands as a testament to their sheer perseverance which has paid off against the odds. The band moved from Ireland to Canada and back again, losing two members in the process yet still managing to produce an album of an exceptional standard. It’s innovative, with a high standard of musicianship throughout and with tracks which are well-crafted and inventive in their composition. The sound is rich, multi-layered, and at times crushingly heavy using a broad range of elements from the full spectrum of extreme metal. The vocals, both harsh and clean, are excellent, which is something I am always highly critical about. The resulting album I found to be a truly refreshing and inspiring piece of work.

Powerful Celtic influenced drum work opens ‘Engines of Belief’ and the first thing I noticed was the impressively full sound. There is also a good balance between the clean and harsh vocals. The sheer intensity to the drum and guitar work on ‘Defective Prospection’ almost overpowers your senses and is such a great track. There is a long melodic and haunting intro of almost two minutes before the more intense elements kick in on ‘The Narcissism Epidemic’. The frequent interchange between melodic and extreme, clever construction and use of varied tempo keeps you fully engaged for the whole seven and a half minutes. A sinister opener on ‘Mental Clarity’ is followed by a technical groove that runs throughout and is mixed with chugging riffs. Chosen are a band that are not afraid to reach across all genres of metal to mix and match in interesting ways and that works so well for them. This is fully evident from the mix of elements incorporated into this and other tracks.

There is a very appealing and extreme contrast between the gentle elements set against the harsh vocals and chugging groove on ‘Diminishment’. The drum work is superb, as on all tracks, but really adds so much here as it seems to bring a darker edge to the quieter moments. On ‘Instinct’ there is a sexy little djent groove happening; add to that chugging, soaring riffs and a fabulous little solo midway and what you have is an excellent track. A quiet, yet sinister sound-scape opens into a gritty spiralling and chugging groove that is catchy and addictive on ‘Asch’s Paradigm’. On ‘Metaphysical Contradiction’, groups of hypnotic repeat riffs add a dark, intense feel. Along with a couple of great tempo and direction changes the track grabs your interest and delivers a real feel of turmoil and conflict. The strong djent groove that is mixed with dark riffs gives an intense and frantic feel to the extended intro on ‘The Departure Lounge’. The respite from this intensity comes from the clean vocal chorus. In the final minute you are released from its grasp as the track gently fades away forming a great end to an excellent album.

Resolution is an excellent album from beginning to end and at times, is an absolute face ripper. I was completely blown away by it; these guys are hugely talented and deserve every success form this and once you have gotten your free download and heard just how good it is you should then go and buy the album. You won’t be disappointed. [5/5]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Metal Music Archives
After a turbulent history of transatlantic relocations, break-ups, reunions and hiatuses, the Irish extreme metal act Chosen are finally ready to release their debut full-length ‘Resolution’. And, chances are that the album will enjoy much success among fans of the more tech/prog-oriented type of extreme metal. While not insanely technical, Chosen’s nine tracks on the album are nonetheless quite progressively oriented and definitely belong to the more sophisticated end of the extreme metal continuum.

Drawing on both death metal and djent-thrash with a slight touch of metalcore and melodic death metal, ‘Resolution’ is a rather eclectic album and may be compared to as diverse artists as Death, Atheist, In Flames, Nevermore, and Opeth. And all of this is wrapped in Meshuggah-esque grooves. Although inspirations from these and other artists may be traced throughout the album, ‘Resolution’ stands on its own as an original work of art. A major attraction point is the Irish duo’s talent for writing crushingly heavy riffs that punch you in the gut and leave you breathless, while your mind is being challenged by the progressive aspect of their music.

The Irish duo’s musicianship is top notch, and the production is clean and well-defined, but not too polished. The vocals are primarily harsh and lean more towards metalcore-informed screaming than towards guttural growls, and while nowhere near as annoying as all out screamo hysteria, this is a vocal style that might not appeal to all fans of death metal. I have no problems with it, though. There are also clean vocals every now and then, which add a melodic feel to the album. In all, ‘Resolution’ is an artistically successful, and quite original, opus of progressively oriented and sophisticated extreme metal which combines the progressiveness of the likes of Death, Atheist, and Opeth with the crushing grooves of Meshuggah into a riff-driven metallic onslaught which offers both fuel for your fire and food for your thoughts. [4/5]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Already Heard
Extreme metal is not my area of expertise. I dabbled briefly in the world of metal when I was around 17, but apart from a few bands it never really appealed to me, and I can honestly say it still doesn’t. Chosen are an Irish duo who formed in 2005. The band’s latest effort ‘Resolution’ fuses heavy riffs with absolutely furious vocals. It has breakdowns, some nice softly sung bits and then it’s back to the unrelenting heaviness of it all.

Opener ‘Engines of Belief’ is the perfect example of what to expect throughout the course of ‘Resolution’. It’s crushingly heavy, and frankly a little unbelievable that this all comes from just two people. Second track ‘Defective Prospection’ is probably my highlight. It shows the absolute proficiency of the band at all the instruments they play, combines this with their obvious love of the genre to create an interesting take on something that is often stale.

The record continues on in a similar fashion. There are few let ups though, as every time you think there will be a chance to breathe it knocks you back down again. The band are undoubtedly extremely talented, and for a genre I can’t usually stand, ‘Resolution’ is actually pretty good. I don’t have a very large frame of reference to work with here, but if I had to say who Chosen are similar to, it would be Between The Buried And Me. The songs are sprawling, interesting and technical. It’s not something I would choose to listen to on a daily basis, but I would certainly listen to it again.

Overall Chosen have written a crushingly heavy record with ‘Resolution’. One that is completely unrelenting yet interesting and not a slave to the constraints of a tired genre, where nearly every band sounds like carbon copies of one another. The production here is top notch; the guitars especially sound great. They have such an oppressive tone that makes you really take notice of the band and what they are doing. ‘Resolution’ was a pleasant surprise for me, and I will certainly be keeping an eye on Chosen in the future. [3.5/5]
Review: Resolution (2013) - Heavy Metal Time Machine
Chosen hail from Dublin, Ireland and were formed in 2005. Since that time there’s been four EPs and one demo released. There has also been line-up changes and a brief period in which the band took a breather. On ‘Resolution’, the band’s debut full-length release, there’s a lot going on sound-wise for this to be just two guys. Even so, the band really has been stripped down to just Paul Shields (vocals/guitars) and David McCann (drums/percussion). ‘Resolution’, which was produced by Alwyn Walker, opens with ‘Engines of Belief’. The band is offering the song as a free download and, trust me ladies and gentlemen when I say this, the rest of the album’s 8 cuts are just as good as this heavy, percussion-laden, death metal thrasher.

This duo takes the groove of Meshuggah and mixes it with the progressive death metal of bands like Cynic and Atheist. Speaking of Atheist, who were such an inventive band themselves, Chosen captures the listener’s attention early on and easily holds it with their own take on progressive/jazz-infused death/thrash. Having the above influences, which also range on ‘Resolution’ from Death to Nevermore, is one thing. The true mark of a veteran act is taking those influences and building your own band from the bottom up into something uniquely your own. On some level the sound of Chosen is familiar and yet, through their creative use of rhythmic drumming, progressive chord arrangements (and even acoustic passages), the music on ‘Resolution’ is refreshingly original.

The record, which I enthusiastically recommend, is quite heavy and brutal, but it’s also surprising warm and inviting. There are so many different elements to these 9 tracks that I found myself returning to for repeated listens before I even sat down to do this write-up. Had Chosen released ‘Resolution’ back in the late eighties/early nineties I have no doubt they would be held in the same high regard as bands like Atheist and Cynic. This album challenges the listener to hand themselves fully over to the music and to simply let the ride take you where it chooses. As it’s being offered in several different versions, fans have a few options. No matter which version of this album you pick up it’s the music that matters and this Irish duo has created a near perfect progressive death album!
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