Today, many bands and artists (both signed and unsigned) are having to rely more on alternative sources of income when it comes to funding their musical ventures. It was once the norm where people readily paid for access to music but, of course, times have changed. As such, the perceived value of music has dropped over the last number of years, and when there’s free music there for the taking, many people are going to reach out and take it with no moral qualms keeping them awake at night.

Just to be clear, we are not making any judgments on those who consume music (or any other content) without paying for of it. On the contrary, as long-time music consumers ourselves, we recognise that with so much music now available people simply do not have the purchasing power to buy everything they would like to. While many music consumers are still as passionate as ever about their favourite bands and artists, the day they realised they didn’t have to pay to gain access to quality music was the day everything changed.

Technology has, undeniably, revolutionised how everyone acquires music and with a surge in the number of people releasing demos, EPs and albums, striving to become successful in the music industry, there’s currently an abundance of ambition in the face of underwhelming odds. We fully recognise that we’re a part of this oversaturation and we’re on a quest to find our own little niche in the creative realm. But selling music in today’s world is, perhaps, analogous to selling bottled water. People don’t have to buy it because they can usually find alternative sources, for free, if they really want to. However, if they discover something they truly connect with, something that really moves them, perhaps they will see the logic in contributing to its longevity.

As independent musicians, with no kind of record label behind us, we have decided to offer a certain portion of our music for free in the hope that it becomes more accessible, reaching those who may truly enjoy it to the extent that they become genuine fans and see the value in giving something back in exchange for future music. Some will argue that we are automatically devaluing our music by giving it away for free. Maybe they are right. But has music not already become devalued and is now just one of a vast number of entertainment sources readily available to people? Afterall, a significant number of music fans are no longer passive consumers but have become empowered content creators with the freedom of unlimited choice and creativity at their fingertips.

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Another way of looking at the notion of free music it is that many businesses occasionally give away freebies or offer reduced rates for their services in order to garner long-term interest. Is recorded music really so different, especially in this bloated industry where music is ubiquitous and free-flowing? To clarify, we respect the right of other bands and artists to want to charge for their music upfront. That is their right. However, we believe in this new method of exposure and it’s something we are willing to explore for the foreseeable future.

While the costs of recording, production, mixing, mastering, artwork, duplication, advertising, and promotion are all expensive, this money gladly comes from our own pockets so that we can share our creative vision with our friends and other people across the world. At the end of the day, music means more to us than simply a consumer product, where compensation is demanded in advance. That said, we certainly aren’t opposed to accepting any donations, should anyone feel like giving something back in return.

Does this mean we will stop making music if nobody ever buys anything from us or if we receive zero donations? Of course not. This is our passion and it is something we love doing. But it may take us a little more time to put out subsequent albums if we only have our own personal finances to fund all the aforementioned expenses. Perhaps, the notion of musicians asking their fans for money doesn’t bode well with some folk. But is it really all that different from bands selling their CDs and concert tickets so that they can use those profits to further their musical endeavours? Whether it’s donating directly to a band or buying a t-shirt or CD (which are manufactured and deliberately priced in order to generate profit), the same money often goes towards the one ultimate goal.

So if you really enjoy our music, or find it useful in other creative ways, you can make a small contribution via the PayPal links below or email for other options. Your donation will go towards the costs of future music. Once again, we are not signed to any record label, nor do we have drug addictions or other rock ‘n’ roll vices to feed. Your contribution goes towards the making of good music that you and others will get to enjoy, sooner rather than later. Thanks for your support!

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